Not all feathers are the same

They differ in touch, sight and quality. These differences allow feathers to have different uses such as ornamental and padding. The very best padding is duck and goose down which can be easily recognised by its extreme “lightness” - much lighter than any other padding.

This has a fairly large and stumpy quill and is very silky at its base. The feathery part is large, flexible, thick, slightly curved and squat at its top end. Compared to down, a goose feather is heavier and less flexible because of its quill which however does ensure elasticity and long term duration.

This represents the first class or top end part of the plumage market because it is extremely light and fluffy. It is found in the breast, abdomen, hips and under wing of a goose. Unlike a feather it has no rachis and its central part is very small. The feathery part is thick and fluffy. Down is extremely voluminous with a high filling power and it is for this reason that it is easily recognisable at touch.

Feathers, a charm and enchantment of life, can be transformed into useful everyday items thanks to a lengthy and complex handcrafted and industrial process. Infact, the exceptional value and quality of a feather is partly determined by its processing treatment. Minardi’s expertise allows it to produce a first-class feather or down padding which can “fly” into everyday use bringing with it a touch of nature itself. A high technological production process guarantees utmost quality of the padding. Only after being selected, washed, dusted, rinsed, sterilised, dried and once again selected can a feather become part of Minardi’s precious padding.