minardi collezioni

Minardi Collezioni

This is the historic line of the group and is well-known for its high quality and classical style. It represents the totality of Minardi’s products. It is now 10 years that this brand name is present in the home linen market with a line of quilted covers, soft duvets and pillows - all distributed via a large network of well-established shops. Today’s clients have a keen eye for product quality and functionality but also demand an irresistible elegance. Minardi’s quilts and duvets are famous for their padding and fabrics. The unprocessed feathers are carefully selected before undergoing a lengthy treatment cycle which guarantees a perfect hygiene programme. In order to become soft, light and voluminous padding, the feathers are once again selected and sorted. Minardi choose only the very best fabrics which allow the feathers to optimise their natural thermo regulating activity. Only the most appropriate fabrics which allow natural transpiration are chosen. They are also chosen because they are hard-wearing, wash well and have a high feather sealing power.

All products are designed and produced with every attention to detail - typical to Italian tradition. Also very important is a lengthy life span and resistance to wear and tear. Minardi believes its key to success depends on an intelligent mix of technological development, tradition, quality and cost. The best padding in the world encased in a silk, cotton, damask or other precious fabric with its delicate touch and irresistible mix of colours and design can only lead to great success.

segni di

Segni Di

With “Segni Di” the company expresses its true passion and keeps this alive by concentrating on interior design and listening to the needs of its multifaceted modern consumers. A quilt or quilted product must have all the essential characteristics such as functionality, comfort and quality but must also convey beauty and design via its form, colour and shape. As expressed by its name, each Segni di collection shows “signs” or traces of an intent creator that has perfectly interpreted consumer needs.

Signs and clues left by daily gestures along an imaginary path which allow these designers to “depict” a perfect lifestyle in every detail. These quilts, pillows and accessories are highly original and much sought after. They all have a soft and warm heart of down and are dressed in precious and colourful fabrics, immaculately designed for the modern home. These home products have a special charm which seduce our sense of sight and hearing (the light rustle of the padded fabric is definitely inviting). They are irreplaceable goods for everyday living - both for night and day. The “ Segni Di” collection is exclusively distributed in the best interior design shops.



Hetregò is the prestigious brand name distributed by Minardi Industries. Its line includes chic sportswear which is sold in the best worldwide boutiques. Hetregò remains true to Minardi’s know-how and carries out research in new styles and fashion ensuring end products that shows careful attention to every detail. The name Hetregò expresses well the creative nature of this line: ETRE in French means “to be”, together with EGO in Latin means “I”, and GO in English - freedom to be, go and be oneself with an eye to the future.

The logo is distinctively marked with three stylised cypresses blowing in the wind which give an idea of an open-air lifestyle in both country footpaths and modern city streets. Hetregò is perfect for men and women that demand technically prestigious and aesthetically designed products that convey a visual message. Hetregò’s strength is its technical research in the materials used, their design, their pattern construction, their finish and their attention to detail. The Hetregò collection has a family feeling distinct and unique in style. In a commercial world where often style and technical design do not combine, we can rely on Hetregò to unite these two successfully. Hetregò has always used high quality goose down for its Autumn-Winter range, whereas the Spring-Summer collection is characterised by light, transparent and waterproof materials. Hetregò has become a leading and successful brand name thanks to its continuous research in prime materials and its careful attention to fashion and trends but also thanks to Minardi’s important know-how.



This line was founded after Lumaca’s Journey. The brand name was launched onto the market in the late 80’s early 90’s and initially presented a line of duvets and quilts for the home but later became famous for its high tech sleeping bags.This was the first true Italian line of this kind, a forerunner of down padded sleeping bags which up until then were not very well-known or of importance on the market. Today, outdoor free time has increased, frontiers have fallen and unexploited lands are fewer. The modern explorer is surely someone who loves travelling but above all he’s become a native of the world. He is respectful of antique tradition and cultures, and treats the world and its marvels with great care. He is a wayfarer that does not like to leave traces of himself but prefers to take notes of his encounters, bringing back with him experiences for everyday living.This kind of explorer demands high tech equipment and materials which have an ethical background. The word “pekemoe” in the Maori language means sleeping bag. Travelling has become synonymous to discovering the essence of life, its true sense and its quality.

This new line of sleeping bags is produced from high quality padding and fabrics keeping in mind weight and practicability. High technology and fabric research have allowed Peke Moe to offer a line of sleeping bags that are extremely efficient and of great technical value not forgetting style and design.