Minardi’s long story starts at the beginning of the last century with an exceptional entrepreneurial intuition. It is in 1916 that Luigi Minardi decides to start-up a small handcraft workshop which processes and sells feathers. At first the small company selects and produces ornamental feathers for the infantry soldiers of the Italian army but consequently decides to work for the high fashion industries in Paris selling feathers for clothing and accessories. Minardi’s talent and initiative allow easy market entry even during this difficult wartime period. The company reaches a decisive stage of development after the second world war and soon becomes well-know both professionally and publicly. It becomes an example of excellence within the Italian industrial market showing courage, tradition, innovation and culture, having made responsible and careful market decisions.

This was founded in 1985 and is located in Cittaducale in the province of Rieti. Its has an area of 8500 mt2 and has obtained the following certification SINCERT CERMET (management system certificate) UNI ISO 9001:2000. Primarily, the company produces feather and down for the best brand names in the soft furnishing industry. In the work processing department approx. 3000kgs of feathers are processed daily using advanced technology procedures which guarantee all strict hygienic and sanitary requirements drawn-up by the Ministry of Health. The company not only boasts a large national market but also exports across the world.

Minardi 2000
This was founded in 2001 and is located in Pisticci Scalo in the province of Matera. It has an area of 5000 mt2 and is the last born in the Minardi line. Minardi 2000 is well-know for its professionalism, ability and its know-how of feather treatment passed on from its sister companies. It specialises in feather treatment processes as well as fibre processing. Highly sophisticated machinery is used for these processes in order to obtain special fibre mixes suitable for the expanding soft furnishings industry which demands innovative and first class products. Part of the company includes special research laboratories that create and design padded shoulder garments.

Its traditional nature allows the company to pass on its acquired knowledge from generation to generation with its prime objective centred on the preservation of quality together with growth and development in new technology. The company plays an active role both in Italy and abroad. It has presided the Technical European Committee TC222 in order to help draw-up the European disciplinary rules and standards regarding feather treating and processing. It has also sponsored the Brussels’ Working Group for the technical hygienic requirements of feather and feather quilted products (washing, sterilization and labelling). True to its story, Minardi Industries still likes to personally choose and treat its prime materials (feathers, quilts and materials), after which it meticulously occupies itself in the processing and finish of its products - a great passion that today is accompanied by a substantial investment plan in high technology and up-to-date machinery.